The Princess Margaret begins operation of its first-in-the-world magnetic resonance (MR)-guided radiation therapy facility.
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre operates the largest radiation medicine program in North America under a single roof, delivering treatment to over 600 patients every day.  The centre also has one of the world’s most productive radiation research programs that is continuously implementing enhancements that make radiation treatment more safe, precise and effective.
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Rare cancers need more research
Rare cancers are harder to study and are never given the attention that the more common cancers receive. After losing his wife to gallbladder cancer, Ed Thompson donated $500,000 to this under-supported area of cancer research. "This may be the only type of research in biliary cancers happenin at this level in the world" says Dr. Jennifer Knox. Find out more...



Immune Therapy
The Immune Therapy Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre draws from the basic science and clinical strengths of one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. Led by an award-winning team of researchers and physicians, The Princess Margaret is positioned to become one of the global leaders in Immune Therapy for cancer treatment. 

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Dr. John DickNew global institute in Toronto will boost research on life-threatening disease and palliative care
A new institute at University Health Network (UHN) and the University of Toronto (U of T) will drive research into a controversial and neglected area of medicine: care for patients with life-threatening or terminal disease. » Read more...

Dr. Gordon KellerRadiation before surgery more than doubles mesothelioma survival: UHN study
Results of clinical research that treated mesothelioma with radiation before surgery show the three-year survival rate more than doubled for study participants afflicted with this deadly disease, compared to treating with surgery first.
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